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++Bolt Weapons++ ++Weapons++

Boltgun Stats
Ammo per magazine 30 round magazine
Range Moderate
Rate of Fire Slow
Damage High


Standard firearm of the Space Marine chapters. Boltguns also known as bolters or blasters fire self propelled 20mm explosive tipped bolts.

A more powerful, but slower version of the Bolt Pistol. Boltgun and Bolt Pistol use differnt calibers of Bolt, so you cannot use the same ammuniton for both. Heavy bolters DO use the same caliber ammunition, so pick one up for a relaod.

Firing Modes

Boltguns have two firing modes, in standard mode it fires so long as the attack key is held. The secondary attack key switches btween modes. The second mode is burst-fire, where the gun fire 3 bolts in rapid sucession, allowing it to deliver tremendous damage in a short time. Reloading always put the gun into Standard mode.

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