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Scout Marine (Scout)

Space Marine Scout


Scouts are usually younger space marines, who have not yet earned their first suit of power armour. Scousta re instead equipped with carapace armour, which while offering less protection


Scout marines get a choice of three types of waregear. The first option is a Shotgun that is only available to scouts, a Knife, Bolt Pistol and Grenades. With a few more reward points the shotgun can be exchanged for a Boltgun. A few points more and they can exchange the boltgun and grenades for a scoped Sniper Rifle for taking out hostiles at long range.


The scout is fast reconesance class, they should use their speed to reach objectives before the enemy. The shotgun's secondary attack marks targets for the scout's team-mates to kill, this grants the scout aditional reward points. The sniper rifle gives the scout a low cost, leng range weapon at the cost of reduced mobility.