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Exterminatus features one the Black Legion of chaos space marines. The Black Legion worship all the Chaos Gods and describe themselves as followers of chaos undivided, unlike other legions whch worship particular powers. Over the millenia the Dark Legion has split into many warbands, each with their own culture and tactics.



Bottom Left of the HUD shows a counter indicating the time to the next spawn wave and a sloped bar showing how much health you have remaining. Bottom right shows a sloped bar of how much ammunition you have in your current weapon and a counter of how much reserve ammunition you have for that weapon. The small symbol above the ammo counter shows what mode your weapon is in (see Boltgun) and if your jump pack is charged (see Assult Marine). The crosshair will highlight when you are targetting an enemy.


The majority of the Legion's marines are formed into flexible 'Tactical' squads. The majority of marines in a Tactical squad are equipped to deal with all sort of situations, these make up the Renegade class in Exterminatus and are the basic fighting class of the Chaos team.


Raptor squads have specialised in the use of Jump Packs to rapidly cross difficult terrain and sieze strategic positions, possibly even behind enemey lines. Jump Packs use a combination of anti-gravity and jet thrusters to perform leaps hundreds of meters or several stories high. Over the millenia the warp has twisted Raptors to take on a predatory, bird-like aspect.

Aspiring Champion

Experienced renegades that aspire to become champion of the chaos gods lead their tactical squads for the front of battle. Over their long service they earn the right to use more exotic equipment, often favouring more close combat weaponry. These 'Aspiring Champions', adding more equipment and speed to the Renegade class.


Most tactical squads contain one marine who is trained in the use of support weapons. These are often rare, difficult to use or otherwise specialised in their function. The 'Specialist' class in Exterminatus is a Renegade marine who has traded in his Boltgun for a Flamer or Plasmagun.

Saw Bones

"Saw Bones" are the surgeons and doctors of the Black Legion. In Exterminatus they fulfill a support role, healing injured Renegades.


A heavy weapons operative makes up the final component of most tactical squads. Using the large, heavy, awesomely powerful weapons to support his squad the 'Havoc' class is the pinnacle of the chaos classes, able to blast his way though hordes of foes with relative ease. All that fire power comes at a price, the mass of his weapon reduces Havocs to a plodding pace.


The best Chaos Space Marine fighters are honoured with the use of the the rare and powerful Tactical Dreadnought (Terminator) armor. Terminator armor makes these warriors extremely hard to kill, combined with their armour shredding power claws and double barrelled combi-bolters they are a deadly opponent to be feared by all.

Chaos Dreadnaught

Siege Dreadnaughts (Dreads) are monsterous, heavily armoured, cybernetic war machines, containing the bodily remains of a mortally wounded chaos champion. Dreads can survive a terrific amount of damage, provinging walking cover for their fellow reneagdes, wile laying down walls of smoke and fire.

Exterminatus VS 40K

The chaos team is largely drawn from members of tactical squads. However squad composition, that is to say the mix of weapons and roles within a squad that are limited on the table top are much ignored for our purposes to enable rewarding players individually with a superior class. This can result in a less than tactical mix (Four heavy bolters at once for instance).

The unit coherency rule is also ignored, no player would put up with being attached to his team mates with invisible bungie cord in a firefight. However players that go off alone "rambo" style are more likely to get ambushed by a Lictor

On the tabletop Chaos army lists do not usualy include a medic or healer type unit such as the Saw Bones, for a first person teamplay game like EX it was necissary to implement a chaos version of the imperial apothecary to provide balance across the teams.

Vox Commands

For players without microphones communication can sometimes be a problem. As an aid to these players EX features a set of pre recorded vox (voice) commands to allow players to communicate a limited set of tactical remarks. The Vox Command menu is bound to the F2 key by default. Each command on the menu is bound to it's repaective number key.

Ammo Shrines

Chaos space marines deploy with a limited amount of ammunition, which they sometime live long enough to deplete. Replacement ammunition can be purchased from an Ammo Shrine in exchange for reward points. Since terminators carry no spare bolts they most often need to use an Ammo Shrine. To purchase ammo, walk up to the shrine facing it and press your USE key (your HUD should tell you what this is). As a player you must judge if you can do more good with the life you have left or wait to spend your rewards on a better class when you respawn.