Chaos Terminator

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++Chaos Legions++

Chaos Terminator (chaostermi)

Chaos Terminator


The best Chaos Space Marine fighters are honoured with the use of the the rare and powerful Tactical Dreadnought (Terminator) armor. Terminator armor makes these warriors extremely hard to kill, combined with their armour shredding power claws and double barrelled combi-bolters they are a deadly opponent to be feared by all.


Chaos Terminators wield a combination of Combi-Bolter and Powerfist, givign them extreme killing power at short to medium range.


Terminator armour is really quite sturdy and will keep you alive against most suprise attacks. Use your combi-bolter to supress and rip up enemy troops. Powerfists don't have much reach, but should be good at tearing through the armour of enemy terminators or dreadnaughts.