Aspiring Champion

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++Chaos Legions++

Aspiring Champion (Champ)

Aspiring Champion


Experienced renegades that aspire to become champion of the chaos gods lead their tactical squads for the front of battle. During their long service they earn the right to use more exotic equipment, often favouring more close combat weaponry. These 'Aspiring Champions', adding more equipment and speed to the Renegade class.


Aspiring Champions get a choice of two selections of waregear. Both options include a few Grenades, and a Powersword. The first option pairs the chainsword with a Plasma Pistol. The secord option swaps the Plasma Pistol for an Inferno Pistol. Both pistols penetate armour easily, the Plasma pistol has a longer range, but a much lower rate of fire.


Aspiring Champions are fast on their feet and can be deadly in close combat. They can use their grenades to soften up massed enemies before closing in for the kill. With both their pistols and powerswords being particularly effective against armour they can be good at taking out imperial dreadnaughts and terminators.

40K vs Exterminatus

On the tabletop Inferno pistols are incredibly rare in EX any aspiring champion can have one.