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Meltagun Stats
Ammo per magazine 90 Fuel
Range short-medium
Rate of Fire High
Damage High


The Meltagun is a directed heat weapon carried by the Specialist that works by firing a stream of highly heated particles out of its muzzle at high velocity towards the target effectively melting it, thus the name. Its role is that of close support due to its limited range caused by the heated particles cooling rapidly as they leave the muzzle of the weapon. Although an interesting side effect is that the close the target is to the barrel of the weapon, the higher the concentration and heat of the particle steam and thus a significantly greater amount of damage is inflicted.


Meltaguns are really useful against large targets, where you can whack them with a large dose of damage very quickly or against swarms of smaller enemies, where you can swing it's beam around like a scythe. It is however quite limited with it's range and ammo capacity. Keep an eye on your ammo counter, you don't want a fizzle when the enemy is in your face. Be careful not to scythe though your own team mates when friendly fire is on.

Meltaguns can be used to scorch cloaked lictors, making them much more visible to your team mates.