Melta Weapons

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Melta weapons produce a beam of intense, directed heat by firing a stream of highly heated particles out of its muzzle at high velocity towards a target effectively melting it.

In order to minimize the initial development time of Exterminatus only one kind of special weapon was planned for. Melta was selected because of the Source engines effective beam effects, therefore the weapons specialst class was equipped with a Meltagun and the Veteran with an Inferno Pistol. The veteran's Inferno Pistol has since been swapped for a Plasma Pistol

  • Inferno pistol - smaller, one-handed versions of the Meltagun and are extremely rare.
  • Meltagun - Rifle variant of plasma weapons technology (not in EX)
  • Multi-Melta - heavier, cannon variation of the melta technology (not in EX)