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+++ Hosting a server +++ Spawn wave +++

There are a few additional console commands and variables specific to EX, to make them easy to spot they call start with "ex_"



Used by server operators to balance the number of players on the teams. Set to 0 players get to pick their own team. Set to 1 players are automatically assigned to the team with least players and the team selection menu is skipped. The default setting is 0. During the initial release of the EX beta there was a lot of "stacking" on the marine team, this feature was adding in the first patch to compensate.


Used to determine how players earn reward points in combat. Set to 0 player receive points for each kill they make, regardless of how much actual damage they did. Set to 1 players receive points for doing damage, proportional to the health of the target. The default setting is 1. This feature was added to eliminate the annoyance of "kill stealing".


Modifier to the boltguns rate of fire. The default is 1.0. The maximum range, damage done and time between shots of the boltgun all get multiplied by this factor. A setting of 0.5 makes bolters fire twice as fast, at half range and half damage per shot. A setting of 2.0, makes bolters fire at double range, half as fast and double damage.


Duration in seconds of how long players have to hold USE on a ex_capture_objective to capoture that objective. The default is 5 seconds.


There is a set of client specific console variables starting ex_hint_ which all relate to the class specific hints that are displayed when a player spawns. ex_hint_Elite overrides all the others, when set to 1 all hints are suprressed, set it back to 0 to see hints as normal. The other ex_hint_ variables end with the name of a player class, thier value is the number of times the hint will be shown and goes down each time a hint is shown.


Used to turn on EX specific logging. When set to 1 game play events are written to SourceMods/ex/exterminatus.log to aid development. The default setting is 0.


Some classes (Assult Marines, Genstealers and Lictors) have the ability to make long leaps. Thist client command controls HOW a leap is trigger by you. The default setting is 0, which triggers a leap when Sprint AND Jump are pressed together. Some players reported an issue with the default behaviour and their controllers, so option 1 allows them to Leap by pressing Sprint OR Jump.


The objective icons in the HUD can con configured by player using a set of console variables starting ex_obj_ . ex_obj_show determines which objectives should be seen, it can have a have of 0,1 or 2. ex_obj_show 0 hides all objectives. ex_obj_show 1 shows all objectives and ex_obj_show 2 shows only your target objective. You can also configure the minimum and maximum size of the icons using the ex_obj_min_size and ex_obj_max_size console variables.


Duration in seconds of how long players are invulnerable after spawning. The default is 3 seconds.


Duration in seconds of how long the first dead player in a team has to wait to respawn. The default is 20 seconds. The higher this is set the more likely players are likely to spawn as a group.


Duration in seconds of how long players get to spawn once their respawn wave length has expired (see above). The default is 3 seconds. Any players who are killed in this time instantly respawn.


Returns the current version number. May be useful to plug-ins, has no side-effects.


Server operators can use the following console variable to tune Tarantula behaviour:
  • ex_turret_dmg = Tarantula damage per hit (this is special damage that ignores carnfiex armor)
  • ex_turret_range = Tarantula maximum range
  • ex_turret_health = How much damage a Tarantula can take before being destroyed
  • ex_turret_acid_multiplier = How much damage from acid attacks(Deathspitter) on a Tarantula are multiplied by


Server operators can use the following console variable to tune various weapon properties:
  • ex_bpistol_dmg = Boltpistol damage per hit
  • ex_bpistol_rof = minimum time in seconds between Boltpistol shots
  • ex_bpistol_range = Boltpistol maximum range
  • ex_bolter_range = Boltgun maximum range
  • ex_bolter_actual_rof = Boltgun rate of fire
  • ex_bolter_kick = Boltgun recoil
  • ex_bolter_kick = Boltgun rate of fire
  • ex_hvy_bolter_dmg = Heavybolter damage per hit
  • ex_hvy_bolter_rof = minimum time in seconds between Heavybolter shots
  • ex_hvy_bolter_range = Heavybolter maximum range
  • ex_melta_dmg = Meltagun damage per "tick" (ignores armor)
  • ex_melta_rof = time in seconds between Meltagun "ticks"
  • ex_melta_range = Meltagun maximum range
  • ex_csword_dmg = Chainsword damage per hit
  • ex_csword_range = Chainsword maximum range
  • ex_caxe_dmg = Chainaxe damage per hit
  • ex_caxe_rof = Chainaxe time between attacks (rate of fire)
  • ex_shotgun_dmg = Shotgun damage per blast (spread across all pellets)
  • ex_shotgun_pellets = Shotgun pellets fired per shot
  • ex_flamer_rof = time in seconds between flamer fireball shots
  • ex_flamer_speed = speed in units per second of flamer fireballs
  • ex_flamer_dmg = flamer fireball damage per hit
  • ex_flamer_size = flamer fireball initial radius
  • ex_flamer_growth = flamer fireball growsth multiplier
  • ex_flamer_growthtime = time in seconds between flamer fireball growth
  • ex_flamer_lifetime = time in seconds each fireball lasts for
  • ex_flamer_effect = particle system for the flamer to use
  • ex_flamer_heat = heat added to nearby fires from fireballs
  • ex_fireball_fuel = fual added to nearby fires from fireballs
  • ex_knife_range = Knife maximum range
  • ex_knife_damage = Knife damage per hit
  • ex_missile_speed = speed un units per second of missile launcher missiles
  • ex_medic_tool_range = Narcathium maximum range
  • ex_medic_tool_main = Narcathium health restored per primary hit
  • ex_medic_tool_main_time = time taken to restore health using the Narcathium primary
  • ex_medic_tool_alt = Narcathium health restored per secondary hit
  • ex_medic_tool_alt_time = time taken to restore health using the Narcathium secondary
  • ex_plasmagun_min_dmg = Plasmagun minimum damage per hit
  • ex_plasmagun_charge_dmg = Plasmaguin maximum extra damage froma full charge
  • ex_plasmagun_rof = minimum time in seconds between Plasmagun shots
  • ex_plasmagun_range = Plasma bolt maximum range
  • ex_plasmagun_charge_time = time in seconds to fully charge a Plasmagun
  • ex_term_fist_dmg = damage per Powerfist hit
  • ex_term_fist_range = Powerfist maximum range
  • ex_term_fist_force = multiply Powerfist damgge force by this much (make ragdolls fly away from punches)
  • ex_stormbolter_range = Stormbolter maximum range
  • ex_stormbolter_spread = Stormbolter spread angle in radians
  • ex_stormbolter_rof = minimum time in seconds between Stormbolter shots (multiplied by ex_bolter_rof)
  • ex_stormbolter_dmg = Stormbolter damage per hit
  • ex_vet_sword_dmg = Powersword damage per hit (ignores armor)
  • ex_vet_sword_rof = time in seconds to swing a Powersword
  • ex_ppistol_dmg = Plasma pistol damage per hit
  • ex_ppistol_rof = minimum time in seconds between Plasma pistol shots
  • ex_ppistol_range = Plasma pistol bolt maximum range
  • ex_smoke_arc = pitch in degrees at which dreads launch their smoke grenades
  • ex_smoke_speed = How fast a smoke grenade is launched (also relates to how far it will fly)
  • ex_smoke_rof = Minimum time in seconds between smoke grenade launches
  • ex_dread_flamer_roc = Time in seconds between dread flamer cooldowns (ammo regen rate)
  • ex_dread_flamer_first_roc = Time in seconds after firing the flamer it starts cooling
  • ex_dread_fist_range = Dreadnaught powerfist maximum range
  • ex_spore_mine_dmg = Sporemine maximum damage per hit
  • ex_spore_mine_radius = Sporemine explosion radius
  • ex_spore_mine_speed = Sporemine launch speed in units per second
  • ex_spore_mine_sense = range at which Marines will detone a Spore mine
  • ex_spore_mine_arc = angle at which Spore mines are fired
  • ex_spore_mine_fuse = minimum time between firing and exploding mines
  • ex_vore_dmg = Biovore talon damage per hit
  • ex_vore_range = Biovore maximum talon range
  • ex_biovore_max_mines = maximum number of live Spore mines per Biovore
  • ex_biovore_rof = minimum time between Biovore shots
  • ex_bioplasma_dmg = carnifex Bio plasma damage per hit
  • ex_fex_talon_range = maximum range of a Carnifex talon
  • ex_fex_talon_dmg = Carnifex talon damage per hit
  • ex_ltalon_range = maximum range of a Lictor talon
  • ex_ltalon_dmg = Lictor talon damage per hit
  • ex_ltalon_rof = time in seconds to swing Lictor talons
  • ex_ltalon_uncloak = time in seconds to un-cloak
  • ex_ltalon_uncloak_slow = time in seconds to un-cloak when attacking
  • ex_medithrope_radius = radius around a Zoanthrope that gets healed
  • ex_medithrope_usage = how much energy a Zoanthrope heal uses
  • ex_medithrope_pc = what percentage of maximum health a Zoanthrope heals
  • ex_stealer_claw_dmg = Genestealer claw damage per hit (ignores armor)
  • ex_stealer_claw_range = maximum range of a Genestealer claw
  • ex_stealer_claw_rof = minimum time in seconds between Genestealer claw attacks
  • ex_venom_dmg = Venom cannon maximum damage per hit
  • ex_venom_range = Venom cannon maximum range
  • ex_venom_radius = Venom cannon explosion radius
  • ex_venom_rof = minimum time in seconds between Venom cannon shots
  • ex_warpblast_effect = particle effect Name used by the Warp blast attack
  • ex_warpblast_dmg = Warp blast maximum damage per hit
  • ex_warpblast_radius = Warp blast explosion radius
  • ex_warpblast_usage = how much energy a Warp blast uses
  • ex_warpbolt_dmg = Warp bolt damage per hit
  • ex_warpbolt_rof = minimum time in seconds between Warp bolt attacks
  • ex_warpbolt_range = Warp bolt maximum range
  • ex_warpbolt_speed = Warp bolt launch speed
  • ex_warrior_ds_dmg = Deashspitter maximum damage per hit (beyond melee range)
  • ex_warrior_ds_speed = Deashspitter launch speed
  • ex_warrior_talon_range = Warriror talon maximum range
  • ex_warrior_talon_dmg = Warriror talon damage per hit
  • ex_bs_max_victims = The maximum number of marine players a Barbed Stranger(BS) can entangle at once
  • ex_bs_health = How much health a BS projectile has
  • ex_bs_dmg = The basic damage a BS does to it's victims, thsi increases bt 10% every 3 seconds a victim is entangled
  • ex_bs_dmg_rate = How often in seconds a BS damages it's victims
  • ex_bs_range = How far BS tendrils can reach
  • ex_bs_speed = How fast a BS projectile is launched (also relates to how far it will fly)
  • ex_bs_pull = How strong the pull of the BS is (increase to turn marines into superhuman YoYos)
  • ex_bs_twist = Maximum amount of turning a BS can exert on it's victims (more makes it harder for the victim to aim)
  • ex_bs_ff = When set to 1 the BS projectile will target Tyranids and Humans. Used for testing.
  • ex_warrior_dv_dmg = Devourer damage per hit
  • ex_warrior_dv_range = Devourer maximum range
  • ex_warrior_dv_rof = Minimum time in seconds between Devourer shots