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Plasmagun Stats
Ammo per magazine 10 shots per cell
Range Medium Long
Rate of Fire Moderate
Damage High


Plasma guns fire relatively slow moving bolts of superheated plasma that explode on contact. The plasmagun's energy cells contain enough power for a only a few shots each before they need to be swapped out. Due to the high cost of production and maintenance of such high energy weapons only a few energy cells are provided with each weapon, so ammo will be scarce.


Usually deployed by Specialist marines traied to operate these exotic weapons. Plasmaguns do not fire until the attack key is released or thge marine zooms in on his target, holding the attack key will charge up the bolt in the chamber. Maximum charge is achived after two seconds and can dramatically increase the damage done, enabling one hit kills of some tyranid bio-forms. Plasma bolts are slow, making them difficult to aim at long range since you need to lead your target.