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The Narcathium is a multiple function medical instrument that integrates with an Apothecaries armor. With it he can monitor the health of nearby marines, diagnose and treat their injuries.

In action the Narcatium operates only at very close range, like a melee weapon, so the Apotheacry must get close to his patient to operate. The main function of the tool restores up to 50 points of health to patient over the course of a few seconds, this uses up 50 units of medications from the Narcathiums reserve.

The secondary function of the tool restores up to 75 points of health to patient instantly, using 75 units of medications, but this requires a long recovery time. Actively healing team mates in either of these ways earns reward points for the apothecary.

When not actively in-use the Narcathium scans for wounded marines to treat at range, in this way it can heal 5 points of health to every marine around the apothecary once per second. If no wounded marines are in the area it can heal the narcathium will replenish it's reserve of medications at a rate of 25 per second.

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