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Tyranid Zoanthrope (Thrope)



Zoanthropes are the psychic artillery of the tyranid army. By directing the awesome power of the hive mind to intervene in the physical universe they can swat whole groups of troops with a single stroke. So focused is their mental development that their limbs have shriveled to mere stubs, Zoanthropes use a form of telekinesis to hover silently about the battlefield.


Zoanthropes primary attack is to focus the hive mind, by ripping thriough to physical universe in the form of psychic "bolts". These bolts are reltively slow moving, but do a good amount of damage an can penetrate terminator armor. The secondary attack of the Zoanthrope depends on it's wargear selection.:

A Warp Blast hits instantly up to medium range and lots of damage to a wide area. Warp Blasts require full energy to fire.

Psyhic healing channels warp energy to heal tyranids in a wide area around the Zoanthrope. This is particularly usefull when supporting other tyranids in sapping an entrenched marine position or turning a carnifex into an unstoppable juggeranught.


Fire and duck. The Zoanthropes psionic attacks are very accurate. Snipe then take cover. Warp Bolts are slow moving and can be dodged, you need to lead moving targets to hit them. The warp blast is instant, so you can just aim right at the enemy. Terminator armor does not stop psionic attacks, Zoanthropes are therefore the best counter to Terminators. Thropes are the slowest and most valuable tyranid class this will make you a prime target for the enemy. Try and stay with team mates, so they can cover for you between warp blasts. Psychic healing is only really effective when you have team-mates around you to heal, for smaller games of less than 4 asside warp blast is usualy the better option.