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Maps are the environments in which you play Exterminatus, each EX map sets out a specific scenario to play through, with it's own unique missions and objectives.

Official Maps

The following maps are included in the Extermiantus download:

  • Lycantium - Capital city of the industrialized imperial world Heller IV, under siege by the tyranid Hive fleet
  • Space Hulk - Ultramarines must hold back the Tyranids aboard this Space hulk
  • Hive - Beyond the spiring towers of this heavily industrialized imperial hive word the atmosphere is thick with toxic smog, the Tyranids are breaking in to get at the juicy human morsels inside the spire.
  • Dig Site - Ultramarines are dending the tomb of a fallen hero of ancient times from the desecration of the Tyranid swarm.
  • Thunderhawk - Crashed in tyranid controlled territory can the marines escape before the oncoming swarm overwhelms them?
  • Ichar IV - The Hive mind has landed an assult force to destroy rare ores the Imperium has been using to disrupt the hive mind.
  • Orbital - Tyranids have latched a spore ship to an imperial orbital space station. The ultramarines ahve been called upon to repel the assult.
  • Tarsis Ultra - A tyranid infestation has been unearthed on the ice world Tarsis Ultra, a virus bomb was set by the planetary defense force, but they were overrun before they could detonate it. Ultramarines have been deployed to complete the extermainatus.


You can vote for the next map in the server rotation using the in-game voting menu ( bound to the F3 key by default ). Any map in the server's map cycle can be selected. Some server plugins can overide this feature, so it is not always applicable.

Custom Maps Custom Maps

You can use the Mapping documentation to make your own maps for Exterminatus.